The Purpose of this website

The Purpose of this website
A picture of Villa Balbiano from our wedding

I had my wedding at Villa Balbiano in October of 2022 and although it was the most magical day of my life, the wedding planning process was a nightmare. I worked with several planners recommended by the owner of Villa Balbiano and quite frankly they were both incompetent people who had difficulty accepting responsibility for their mistakes.

After having issues with Mitheo Events and firing them, I took a gamble on a gentleman named Jean Charles Vaneck. He was cordial and presented himself well during our initial zoom call so I hired him, but throughout the planning process he would make my wife uncomfortable with his opinions and totally frustrated me with his poor execution.

Eventually I fired him with 10 days to go before the big day and finished planning all of the details myself. It was hell, but if I hadn't jumped in, our wedding would have been a fucking disaster. The stress from the planning both before and after I fired Sumptuous Events took a toll on my body and my wife's. We didn't look our best in our photos and we were all exhausted from coordinating details at the 11th hour. This should NEVER happen to a bride and groom, and because of this I decided to share my experiences to help others avoid the bullshit that we went through.

In my blog I hope to also provide insight into what actually goes on in the planning process. It was a black hole for us when we decided on a destination wedding and we relied too much on a planner. In reality, planners are nothing more than a middleman (or woman) who pretends to care about you having the best day of your life and cares more about protecting their reputation than admitting when they're wrong.

This is your big day. No one will care about it more than you. Which is why you should care about every detail and ask hundreds of questions to make sure these planners don't fuck it up.