A Careless but Big Mistake From Blunotte

A Careless but Big Mistake From Blunotte

There were two primary options for lighting and sound at Villa Balbiano, we ended up going with Blunotte Eventi. We were able to meet them in person to discuss what we wanted after we fired our planner and the team seemed competent. Discussions through email were organized and timely, and I felt we could trust them with the execution. In addition to providing the lighting and sound, we also worked with Blunotte to build out our aisle and ceremony stage.

On the day of the event, it's just chaos. As I mentioned in my other post, I was dealing with table arrangement and capacity issues the morning of the big day. My mind was scattered, and when I arrived at Villa Balbiano I didn't notice the gap in the aisle immediately. But when I did, I was pretty confused and upset.

Of course, there was nothing that could be done. This "gap" exists in all our official wedding photos and the pictures taken by friends and family. As a perfectionist, and someone who paid for a service, this was extremely disappointing. I really don't think companies should be in the wedding business if they don't understand what perfection is. I mean, you get one shot right?

When I mentioned this issue to Federico from the company he admitted he didn't show up to the venue to check. Now that shocked me. Why wouldn't the primary contact go and review all the details on the actual wedding day? Is there something more important than a person's wedding which you are responsible for?

It makes me wonder, are all weddings just imperfect? The only thing that was perfect was our stationary. Thank God for Velvet Fox Designs.