Jean Charles is a Liar

This correspondence between Jean Charles and I happened on Sept 23, 2022, less than 2 weeks away from the actual wedding date. What irks me in life is when people don't hold themselves accountable, and Jean Charles said in our last exchange, "We haven't made mistakes. I have all communication too."

Well if you look at this exchange between my partner and Jean Charles, you will clearly see that his company has made at least one mistake. So on one hand he was accountable, but when I confronted him about all the issues we were having he adamantly stated they haven't made any mistakes. That's when I had to terminate his services. I could no longer trust this guy.

And again, mistakes are fine, but we wanted accountability and confirmation that we could get the correct bags for our guests. In this particular case, the "Amore" was misspelled. One is the Italian spelling, and the other misprint on the woven bag is Spanish. If a wedding planner can't get these small details right, what do you think happens with bigger issues?

By the way, we never got the correct spelling we wanted and we had to use brown paper bags from a pasta store in Como.