Jean Charles Didn't Do His Homework on Fireworks in Lake Como

Another issue we had with Jean Charles is that early on we stated we wanted to have fireworks at our wedding. Now this sounds bougie, I know, but we wanted to provide a spectacular memory for our guests. Quite literally, we wanted to go out with a bang. But come to find out later from another planner, in order to launch fireworks you have to apply with the city 30 days before the event. Sounds reasonable, but we were never briefed on this timeline from Sumptuous. And in the end of course, there were no fireworks.

I absolutely believe it is the responsibility of the planner to get all these details in order far in advance of the big day. If they are too busy to manage these types of details then:

  1. They shouldn't have taken on the job.
  2. They should hire additional help.

But all too often people are penny wise pound foolish and they'd rather risk their reputation over spending a couple extra bucks to make things right.